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The Tyrolean regional government aims to cover all Tyrolean energy needs with local energy sources by 2050. As a result, the objective is to become independent from fossil fuels in Tyrol. We already have a lot of positive examples and we want to promote this development.

Initiative DoppelPlus

DoppelPlus is a campaign within the scope of the project LIFE- ClimAct” Climate action campaign for low-income households" LIFE15 GIC/AT/000092.

Project partners: Klimabündnis Tirol (lead), Energie Tirol, komm!unity Wörgl, Caritas Tirol and alpS GmbH.

Project period: until April 2021
Project area: Tyrol
Goal: DoppelPlus - Make full use of benefits. Protect the environment. Proactive environmental protection in the indication of the common vision TIROL 2050 energieautonom.

Core activities: + training to become a voluntary energy and climate coach + individual coaching in the households + train-the-trainer programme + raising awareness about climate change mitigation + networking

Steering group

General decisions and future actions for DoppelPlus are made by the steering group. It consists of representatives of all project partners. The steering group reserves the right to invite target-group and topic- specific partners to their meetings. This should guarantee that different interest representatives are included to relevant discussion at an early stage.This aims to guarantee an early involvement of all stakeholders in relevant discussions.

Andrä Stigger, Klimabündnis Tirol
Tamara Baumgartner MA, Klimabündnis Tirol
Martin Stolz MSc, Klimabündnis Tirol
DI Bruno Oberhuber, Energie Tirol
Dr.in Sigrid Thomaser, Energie Tirol
Bernhard Bruckner MA, Energie Tirol
Klaus Ritzer, komm!unity Tirol
Peter Warbanoff, komm!unity Tirol
Kayahan Kaya, komm!unity Tirol
Jürgen Gschnell, Caritas Tirol
Bernd Pirker, Caritas Tirol
Maximilian Riede, alpS GmbH

Core Group

The core group consists of representatives of all partner organisations. All operational activities and actions are discussed by the core group (for example: public relation, monitoring, programme communication and the control of processes). The core group meets on a monthly basis.

Expert panel

The expert panel consists of experts from different topics and enriches DoppelPlus with knowledge, contacts and network building.

Dr. Franz Fischler (president of the European Forum Alpbach)
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Globisch (Institute of Sociology at University of Innsbruck)
Dr. Christoph Weisl (Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG)
Stefan Pickelmann MBA (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG)
Mag. Dr. Daniel Wibmer (Raiffeisen Bank)

Voluntary Energy- & climate coaches

The voluntary energy & climate coaches provide the basis for DoppelPlus. They are fully comimitted and give their time to take the right steps towards a more liveable future.

contact persons

Project lead: Tamara Baumgartner (Klimabündnis Tirol)
Project staff: Bernhard Bruckner (Energie Tirol), Bernd Pirker (Caritas Tirol), Maximilian Riede (alpS GmbH) Martin Stolz (Klimabündnis Tirol), Peter Warbanoff (komm!unity Wörgl)
Public relations work: Klimabündnis Tirol and Energie Tirol

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