What does DoppelPlus do?

energy & climate coach sessions at your home

Volunteers will be adequately and practically trained in order to become energy and climate coaches. They will conduct over 1000 energy & climate coaching sessions in low- income Tyrolean households. As a ´double plus´, households will also receive free energy-saving and environmental protection products.

The energy& climate coaching will be carried out in eligible households and will cover important areas of daily life: living, heating, electricity, mobility, consumer behaviour and nutrition.

Saving costs is a welcome effect of the individual coaching sessions in the households. The main objective is to enhance people in their actions and, by doing this, contributing to more energy efficiency and climate protection as well as improving the quality of our common living space and the lives of individuals.

Experience shows that households face various challenges:

+  high energy costs  +  energy debts  +  the threat of power being cut off  +  mould  +  inefficient household devices +  lack of knowledge resulting in incorrect patterns of use +  limited possibilities of mobility  + little awareness of regional food +

The problems are manifold, but solutions and optimizations can often be reached with simple means. The task of the volunteers is to support this process.

Who can apply for the free energy & climate coaching?

Do you have problems to afford the most basic necessities? Are you covered by the definition of being at-risk-of-poverty? Do you obtain minimum-income, compensation, heating cost or rent-assistance beneficiaries? Register now for a free energy & climate coaching and take your benefit. One of the above- mentioned criteria has to be verifiable. Don´t worry, our energy & climate coaches will help you.

Get information about your free energy & climate coaching or arrange a meeting with us under +43 (0) 699 1619 8337.

What happens during an free energy & climate coaching?

A team of energy& climate coaches will come to your household and will help you regarding questions about energy, mobility, consumption, nutrition and climate protection. You will receive first advices on how you can save money by using easy means which are mostly free of charge. 

During the second visit of the energy& climate protection team, you will receive readily applicable tools, such as LED- lamps, switchable multiway connectors, regulators for water taps and others, at no cost. These tools can be immediately installed with the help of the coaches. Furthermore, you will receive individual recommendations on further measures, actions and funding that can help you to save money and protect the climate in the future.  

Who carries out the energy &climate coaching?

The energy & climate coaches are fully trained. Due to a practice- oriented education and their work experience, they can provide valuable information, which can help you trustfully to save money and protect the climate. They are familiar with the difficulties, which come along with low household budgets. They are also able to give you tips and tricks for your individual situation, which help you to save money. The goals of these actions are climate protection, reduction of avoidable costs and increase of your quality of life.

Do you have any questions about the energy & climate coaching?

Please contact us under
Tel. 0699 1619 8337

Additional measures as part of DoppelPlus

+ creating and developing targeted offers
+ train-the-Trainer-Programme
+ implementing topics into German courses
+ creating awareness amongst Tyroleans
+ building up an established energy and climate coaching network for the future

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