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The Initiative DoppelPlus supports energy efficiency and climate protection for all

The main objective of the project is to bring about changes in daily activities and everyday practices in favour of energy efficiency and mitigating climate change in low- income households. This will be primarily accomplished through...

… training to become a voluntary energy and climate coach, which offers not only an increase in ones´s own competence and meaningful employment, but also the possibility of a first job or reintegration into the labour market.

... providing and demonstrating concrete ways of acting that are easily applicable in everyday life. Without much effort, we can all actively contribute to energy efficiency, mobility, healthy nutrition and sustainable consumption.

… personal coaching in the households, the dissemination of climate change mitigation basics in German courses for beginner as well as info campaigns and the train-the-trainer programme. Reducing the energy consumption results on the one hand in a long-term reduction of household expenditures and on the other hand creates more awareness regarding climate protection.

 … networking, exchange and cooperation in creating sustainable, regional structures, partnerships and collaborative endeavoursa and the long-term implementation of the DoppelPlus campaign as part of the province´s Tirol 2050 energieautonom energy strategy.

… a multifaceted monitoring system that ensures that the results are meaningful and that the measures take are adaptable for the future.

We are all Tirol 2050 –
Together we can achieve great results!

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