Who is the target group of DoppelPlus?

There are around 100,000 people living in Tyrol who can, if at all, hardly afford the costs of basic needs such as energy, mobility, healthy food or other compulsory consumption expenditures from their own resources.

The initiative DoppelPlus creates under the heading ” Make full use of benefits. Protect the environment.” a win-win situation for all.

DoppelPlus empowers individuals in low-income households to make a contribution to the Province of Tyrol’s energy and climate strategy within their means and improve the quality of life and financial situation.

The following criteria are necessary for the use of energy &climate coaching

Voluntary energy & climate coaches

We are looking for interested volunteers from Tyrol who are directly affected or have an understanding of low-income households.

DoppelPlus:  a win- win situation for all

For households – strengthening individual actions aiming to protect the climate results in a reduction of energy expenditures and increases the quality of life.

For volunteers –the valuable training for energy & climate coaches and the meaningful activity with social added value, results in further possibilities for the future, e.g. new contacts, networks and personal development.

For our province – due to the fact that this community promotes the protection of the climate in Tyrol and reduces the energy consumption and carbon emissions by acting more consciously and with more responsibility, our common vision of an energy-autonomous Tyrol comes closer.


We are all part of a bigger picture and this is why we are constantly looking for new partners, climate advocates and volunteers. If you want to become a part of this movement, please contact us under: kontakt@doppelplus.tirol

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