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Initiative DoppelPlus

CLIMATE PROTECTION even on the thightest budget

Under the heading + DoppelPlus: Make full use of benefits. Protect the environment. + people with low-income can according to their capabilities contribute to the energy and climate strategy of the state of Tyrol, while at the same time improving their financial situation and quality of life. The initiative creates a win-win situation - for the environment and your own household budget.

personal coaching in 1080 households

The project focuses on the training of 60 volunteer Energy & Climate coaches, who show households individual tailored, specific and easy-to-use optimization advices from the areas of housing, heating, electricity, mobility, procurement and nutrition.These measures will directly be implemented with the residents.

Through independent, for the target group free measures, such as EnergySaving- & Climate Protection-Coachings, free immediate aid in the form of energy saving articles, train-the-trainer programs, information campaigns and teaching climate protection basics in German courses for beginners, the Initiative DoppelPlus will be the focal point for low-income households in the field of energy and climate protection. In order to provide a sustainable solution for all.
In doing so, the double added value - for climate protection and for the individual - is emphasized

shaping together

Along with an actively practiced and to the public clearly communicated awareness campaign, the constant expansion of the network around the initiative DoppelPlus is another focus of the project.

With your help, people in low-income households, including long-term unemployed, migrants, asylum seekers and recipients of the needs-based minimum benefit system, can become the co-ambassadors of the energy transition and play an important role in this regard.

supporters from the very beginning

This four- year project which is funded by the EU Commissions´s LIFE Programme, is supported by project partners such as Klimabündnis Tirol, Energie Tirol, komm!unity Wörgl, Caritas Tirol and alsS GmbH and is co-financed by Province of Tyrol and Stadtwerke Wörgl.

Involving know-how, structures, networks of cash- and non-cash benefits from other cooperative partners, such as the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG and Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, is key for the sustainable success of this initiative. This initiative will be enshrined as a fixed component in the energy strategy TIROL 2050.

We are all Tirol 2050 –
together we can achieve great results!

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