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Use energy instead of wasting it
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In the very first DoppelPlus training course for volunteer energy and climate coaches in 2017, 25 volunteers received comprehensive training on three weekends. Since January 2018, these volunteers have been working actively as climate and energy coaches and have already helped 100 households with their knowledge. We have since incorporated the experience of our coaches into our training programs to make them even more informative and true to the challenges households face in real life.

Benefits that come with being an energy & climate coach

  • interesting, hands-on and free training 
  • the tips you learn in training are also useful and applicable for your own household
  • monthly opportunities for further advanved training
  • a meaningful and interesting task
  • ongoing support by experts
  • a broad network and new contacts to Tyrolean organizations from various sectors such as energy, climate protection, and social issues
  • a future-oriented field with personal and societal perspectives

Seminar dates for the basic course 2023

Die Termine der nächsten Grundausbildung stehen noch nicht fest. 

  •  Die Grundausbildung besteht aus einem theoretischen und einem praktischen Teil.
  • Der theoretische findet meistens einen Halbtag in Präsenz statt und an vier Abenden online.
  •  Der praktische Teil findet meistens an einem H albtag in Präsenz statt. 

  • Ergänzend: drei Haushaltscoachings in Begleitung von bereits ausgebildeten Energie- & Klimacoaches (10 UE)
  • Weiterführendes Selbststudium Unterlagen nach Anmeldung (Aufwand ca. 16 Unterrichtseinheiten)
  • Abschlussgespräch: Klären der evtl. noch offenen Fragen (3 Unterrichtseinheiten)

This is how you become a volunteer energy & climate coach

Phase 1: In-person conversation & formalities
Phase 2: Introduction & first practical stage: accompanying household coaching sessions, usually two, at the very least one
Phase 3: self-study with DoppelPlus supplies
Phase 4: theoretical stage: workshop (several online courses and workshops)
Phase 5: practical stage 2: coaching a household yourself with guidance from an experienced coach
Phase 6: regular meetings with further theoretical and practical specialization and discussion of the coaches' experiences

PS: In phase 2, it's possible for one of the coaching sessions to be in your own household. That way, you can learn how to coach a household while also directly profiting from the tips yourself.

After you first reach out to us, we will invite you to our office to have a personal conversation in which we can get to know each other and clear up any questions you may have. There's also a few formalities to attend to in the beginning (e.g. insurance coverage).

Then you can jump right in: you will attend two coaching sessions with an experienced coach and become acquainted with what it means to be a DoppelPlus volunteer. 

The next basic training as a climate & energy coach is scheduled for autumn 2023.

After having completed the theoretical part of the training, you will actively coach a household yourself with the guidance of an experienced coach.

Congratulations, you are now a DoppelPlus coach! Regular meetings with other coaches help you to further your knowledge.

Become a voluntary energy and climate coach!

Use energy instead of wasting it!
Sign up under: 0699 15546233 
or email: kontakt@doppelplus.tirol

Volunteer energy & climate coaches play a significant and valuable role in the framework of DoppelPlus. Practical optimization measures in the areas of energy efficiency, mobility, sustainable consumption, healthy nutrition, climate adaptation, and protection are provided in the form of individual coaching sessions. The objectives are raising awareness about climate protection, reducing avoidable costs and increasing the quality of life.

For this demanding task, coaches are trained comprehensively, based on the experiences of the project partners Klimabündnis Tirol, Energie Tirol, komm!unity Wörgl, Caritas Tirol and alpS Gmbh. The basic training course consists of 36 hours. The main focus of the basic course is on optimization measures, that can be easily implemented in the own household, such as ...

+ recognition of different energy appliances
+ correct interpretation of energy bills
+ proper heating and ventilation
+ how to deal with mould
+ energy consumption in stand-by
+ heating, cooling and cooking
+ nutrition
+ mobility and many more ...

Adapted household coaching sessions

All topics are put into context with climate protection and adapted to the abilities of the target group. All households are different and therefore the coaching sessions need to be adapted to the individual household. The basic course is therefore focused on providing practical tips. 

Volunteers will be working everywhere in Tyrol, but mostly near where they live. The project partners will assign the households to the volunteers and will also notify the coaches in advance. Experts will support the volunteers with advice and resources. Monthly meetings for in-depth training will additionally take place. The volunteers commit to about 6 household coaching sessions per year which each last for 2 to 3 hours (including preparation time).

A requirement for the successful completion of the course is participation in all seminars as well as a short final meeting.

There are no costs for the coaches apart from their time and commitment. If there are any questions, a mentor is available for every volunteer. DoppelPlus pays for travel expenses. The project partners provide the households for the energy & climate coaches. A minimum of 6 household visits per year is ideal. 

Before every coaching session, the energy & climate coaches are supplied with measuring devices. The households receive a free energy saving & climate protection starter pack, which will help to implement first optimization measures.

Target group for energy &climate coaches

The target group is people who are interested in topics such as energy efficiency and climate protection.

Due to the limited number of participants in the course, an admission interview will take place first. The training is free of charge.


The project staff of DoppelPlus is available for further details. You will receive more information about the training and the admission procedure after registering as a voluntary energy & climate coach. This is our contact address:

A joint initiative of:

Klimabündnis Tirol
komm!unity Wörgl
alpS GmbH
Energie Tirol.

Other cooperation partners:
Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH & Co KG
Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG
Tiroler Wasserkraft AG 

With friendly support of
 the province of Tyrol
and Stadtwerke Wörgl GmbH

For further information:

Johanna Nagiller (Projektleitung)
Tel. 0699 15546233

More information about the initiative:

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