Coaching for households

For a free energy & climate coaching session call: 0600 2227477 

Who can apply for the free energy &climate coaching?

If you're a tenant renting an apartment in Tyrol, you can apply.

Learn more or arrange a meeting with us under

Tel: +43 (0) 660 2227477

Currently we are looking for volunteer energy & climate coaches- are you interested?

What does the energy and climate coaching look like?

An energy & climate coach will come to your household by appointment. Together, you will define your problems in the sectors of energy (electricity, heating), mobility, consumption, nutrition and climate protection and based on that you will develop solutions.

You are overwhelmed by your energy bills? Our energy & climate coaches will help you understand them and will how you how to best react. As a second step our energy & climate coaches identify inefficient appliances and address all your questions regarding energy, mobility, consumption, nutrition and climate protection. The objective of these coaching sessions is to reduce your energy costs, protect the climate and contribute to our vision of TIROL 2050 energieautonom.

As a thank you and booster, you will receive a support package with LED lamps, thermometer, hygrometer, aerator, etc., which will help you save energy & money and protect our climate.

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