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energy & climate coaching sessions in your home

DoppelPlus benefits you and the climate at the same time: it enables tenants in Tyrol to contribute to the protection of the climate while improving their financial situation and quality of life at the same time. Together, we can reach the Tyrolean energy and climate goals. The initiative creates a win-win situation for the environment and the household budget.

What does DoppelPlus do?

energy & climate coaching sessions at your home

Volunteers are trained to become energy and climate coaches who support households in Tyrol by giving individually tailored, concrete and easily applicable advice to optimize living, heating, electricity, mobility, procurement and nutrition. Many of these tips are instantly applied together with the tenants. As an added benefit, the households receive tools to save energy, making it even easier to save energy and money.

The training course for coaches does not only increase one's competence regarding energy and the climate but also offers the possibility of reintegration into the job market. 

The coaching sessions usually take place directly in the apartments and consider aspects of living, heating, electricity, mobility, consumption, and nutrition.

The main objective is to empower people to make their own responsible choices, promoting energy efficiency and the protection of the climate as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and the collective. 

Experience shows that households face various challenges:

+  high energy expenses +  energy debt  +  (the impending threat of) electricity  being shut off +  mould  +  inefficient household devices +  lack of knowledge resulting in incorrect behavior +  limited mobility + little awareness for regional food +

The problems are manifold, but solutions and optimizations are often simple. The task of the volunteers is to support this process.

Who can apply for the free energy & climate coaching session?

There's about 260,000 people renting an apartment in Tyrol. If you're one of them, you're eligible for a free energy and climate coaching session.

The project is especially helpful for the approximately 100,000 tenants in Tyrol who are not, or only barely, able to afford necessities such as energy, mobility, healthy eating and other expenses. The financial relief resulting from a decrease in the energy consumption helps them regain some of their quality of life.

However, the coaching sessions are available for free for all tenants regardless of income. In addition to the financial benefits, tenants are contibuting to climate preservation and to the achievement of the energy and climate strategy of the Tyrolean province.  

Arrange an appointment with us for your energy and climate coaching with us under +43 (0) 699 1619 8337.

What happens duringa free energy & climate coaching?

Two energy & climate coaches come to your household and  help you with your questions about energy, mobility, consumption, nutrition and climate protection. You will receive advice on how you can save money in an easy and affordable way.

During the visit of the energy & climate protection team, you will receive tools such as LED lamps, switchable multiway connectors, and regulators for water taps at no cost. These tools are immediately installed with the help of the coaches. Furthermore, you will receive individual recommendations that can help you to save money and protect the climate in the future.  

Who carries out the energy & climate coaching session?

The energy & climate coaches are fully trained. Due to their hands-on training and their experience, they provide valuable information which helps you to save money and protect the climate. They are familiar with the difficulties associated with a small budget. They are also able to give you tips and tricks for your individual situation. The goals of these actions are climate protection, reduction of avoidable expenses and an increase in your quality of life.

Who funds this project?

The project is supported by the Land Tirol, the local government of the Tyrolean province.  It is also promoted by Klimabündnis Tirol, Energie Tirol and Komm!unity Wörgl. The financing for the first four years came from the European Commission's Life Program. 

The incorporation of know-how, structures, networks and monetary resources as well as benefits-in-kind via additional cooperation partners such as Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG and Tiroler Wasserkraft AG is another important puzzle piece in ensuring the success of this initiative, which has been made a permanent component of the energy strategy TIROL 2050.

Do you have any questions about the energy & climate coachings?

Please contact us under
Tel. 0699 1619 8337

Additional measures as part of DoppelPlus

+ creating and developing targeted offers
+ Train-The-Trainer programs
+ incorporating climate change as a topic in German courses
+ creating awareness amongst Tyroleans
+ building an established energy and climate coaching network for the future

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