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Is it necessary to be a Tyrolean?

You do not have to be a Tyrolean- but the coaching has to be in a Tyrolean household.

Where are the coachings and how many households do I have to advise?

You should advise at least 6 households per year. The coaching is done directly in the households, but you can also accompany them to advisory offices or authorities. 

Do I need any previous knowledge or vocational training to be an energy & climate coach?

No. You do not need any previous knowledge or vocational training. The only thing that really mathers is engagement, interest in environmental protection and social competence. 

What costs do I have to expect?

There are no expenses. We cover the education costs of the basic course and the advanced course. We also cover all travel costs.

What commitments do I have to make, if I want to become a voluntary energy and climate coach?

As a trained energy & climate coach you will get assigned to households where you will conduct the on-site coaching. The coachings need to be logged and the people in the households must countersign the protocol. By receiving the training, you commit yourself to conduct 18 household- coachings in 3 years and participate at the advanced training.

How long does the basic course last?

The basic course take place on 6 dates in autumn 2017 at Wörgl and Innsbruck.

Is attendance compulsory at the basic training course?

Yes. In case you cannot attend the course on one day, you will be given the opportunity to attend the course at another training site.

Is there an exam at the end of the basic course?

Yes, there is a short exam at the end of the basic course. 

What happens if someting gets broken in a household during my visite?

During the coachings you are assured in the households that DoppelPlus gives you.

How do I get assigned to the households?

Households in which coachings will be conducted are chosen by DoppelPlus and then they are passed on for the coachings. If you know about interested target groups for the household coachings, you are supposed to communicate this to DoppelPlus.

Will I receive on-site support?

In general, every coaching is supposed to be conducted in groups of two which facilitates the logging of the coaching. During the basic training you will have the opportunity to team up with another person and to build a par for the coachings. If you cannot team up with another person due to timing or other reasons, we will provide you with someone. After gaining enough experience and expertise, it is also possible, after consultation with DoppelPlus, to conduct the coachings in your own.

Are there any meetings after basic course?

Im ersten Jahr werden wir uns monatlich Treffen, um uns gegenseitig einen Austausch zu bieten und von den gegenseitigen Erfahrungen lernen zu können. Dabei werden wir in Form eines Aufbaulehrgangs immer wieder neue und spannende Vertiefungen rund um das Thema Klimaschutz und Energie aufgreifen und vermitteln.

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