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About 100,000 people in Tyrol can hardly , if at all, afford the costs of basic needs such as energy, mobility, healthy food or other compulsory consumption expenditures from their own resources.  The initiative DoppelPlus creates under the heading
+ Make full use of benefits + Protect the environment.
a win-win situation for all.

an overview of the initiative DoppelPlus

an advantage for all of us

The Initiative DoppelPlus enables people with low incomes to make their own  contribution to the energy and climate strategy of the state of Tyrol while at the same time improving their financial situation and quality of life.

What is Doppelplus?

Through individual coaching, people in low-income households receive useful advices on how to protect the climate as well as a energy efficiency and climate protection starter package. Additionally, further adapted measures are provided, such as train-the-trainer programs, information campaigns and the teaching of climate protection basics in German courses for beginners. The DoppelPlus initiative offers multipliable measures for climate protection and for increasing the energy efficiency in the areas of housing, heating, electricity, mobility, procurement and nutrition.

our goal

DoppelPlus creates double added value for all of us:
What is good for you is also good for the climate.

On the one hand, the DoppelPlus initiative aims to relieve the burden on one's own household budget while at the same time increasing the personal quality of life, and on the other it aimes to promote a more conscious use of energy and resources as a contribution to climate protection.

Wie passt Deutschlernen und Klimaschutz zusammen?

Sehr gut sogar, mit den Workshops der Initiative DoppelPlus von Klimabündnis Tirol und Energie Tirol. Die kostenlosen Workshops für Erwachsene können in den Deutschkurs integriert werden und stehen zu den Themen Energie, nachhaltiger Konsum und Mobilität zur Verfügubng.
Interesse? Dann gleich bei DoppelPlus buchen - das Kontingent ist begrenzt.

We are looking for you!

Energy- & Climate coach

Through personal coaching, people in low-income households receive valuable advices on how to protect the climate as well as a free energy efficiency and climate protection starter package.
Through more conscious awareness it relieves the burden on their household budget, improves the quality of life and protects our climate.

In order to achieve this, we are looking for committed volunteers who will receive a practically focused training. The volunteers will then coach people on the ground and support them in recognizing avoidable costs, saving money and at the same time contributing to climate protection.

Are you interested in topics such as climate protection, energy efficiency, mobility and nutrition? Which help you to save money and protect the climate by conscious action?

... soon at your home.
The number of free household coachings is limited - register quickly !
Contact Tel.: 0699 16198337

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