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The DoppelPlus initiative

climate protection on a budget

Free energy & climate coaching
telephone:  +43(0)660 2227477

an overview of the DoppelPlus initiative

double the benefits

With the help of the DoppelPlus initiative, tenants are able to protect the climate while simultaneously improving their financial situation and quality of life. Together, we can reach the goals defined in the Tyrolean energy and climate strategy. 

What is Doppelplus?

DoppelPlus (German for "double plus") is an initiative which helps households in Tyrol save both electricity and money

Our coaches meet with tenants and give them valuable advice on how to best save energy in their homes. The tenants also receive a starter pack for energy efficiency and climate protection. The initiative focuses on housing, heating, electricity, mobility, procurement, and nutrition. Our climate and energy coaches are volunteers who undergo special training making them experts on energy efficiency in the home. 

Other DoppelPlus resources include train-the-trainer programs, public service campaigns and climate protection knowledge integrated into German courses for beginners

our goal

DoppelPlus means double the benefits for all of us:
What's good for you is also good for the climate.

On the one hand, the initiative relieves the financial strain on tenants while also raising their quality of life. On the other hand, it promotes the conscious and conscientious consumption of energy and resources, which is an important part of climate protection. 

We want you!

become an Energy- & Climate coach

We are looking for motivated volunteers for our coaching sessions. We offer a hands-on training program and further advanced instruction opportunities, enabling you to coach households yourself. By volunteering, you help households recognize avoidable expenses, save money and fight climate change. 

Are you interested in topics such as climate protection, energy efficiency, mobility and nutrition? Would you like to learn how you can save money and protect the environment through conscious and conscientious action? Would you like to spread your new-found knowledge?

Reach out to us:
Phone: +43(0)660 2227477  (you can reach us via a call, WhatsApp or Signal)

DoppelPlus ist nun auch in diversen Sprachen auf YouTube abrufbar.

Energiespartipps GER

energy saving tipps ENG

نصائح لتوفير الطاقة AR

enerji tasarrufu TUR

DoppelPlus initiative

climate protection on a budget

free energy & climate coaching sessions
Phone: +43  660 2227477

... soon in your home.
The number of household coaching sessions is limited - sign up quickly !
Contact:  +43 660 2227477 

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